Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – fast review

By | 01/06/2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 4It was 21. October 2014 and Samsung announced big new – Samsung Galaxy Note 4! A great phablet, a beast hard to beat. I really wanted this phablet, so I was looking for job. Later I got brigade and I got an offer to get it for just 500 Euro. I have chosen white variant, black is available too, but I’m very satisfied with white one.

So why I have chosen this phablet? Because I like its big 5.7-inch QHD display (1440 x 2560 pixels) with 515 DPI. Display is just awesome – great contrast, rich colors and great viewing angle. Its performance is great, it got fast Snapdragon 805 2.7 GHz quad-core with Adreno 420 GPU and 3 GB RAM. I have many apps installed on my phablet and Android is still very fast without lags. Yea, after Samsung Galaxy SIII I was little worried about Android, I was thinking about iOS, but I picked again Android device and it was worth it. My Galaxy Note 4 works like a charm.

Next reason was great camera. It has 16 MPx and photos are really sharp with live colors and looks very good, even photos taken in dark. It’s the best camera I have ever seen on any smartphone/tablet. Here is one demo photo:

Photo Demo

Click here for full-sized screenshot

S PEN. Alpha and Omega. I can’t live without this stylus. I can cut images and texts, take notes and draw. And the best – I can quickly share it on Messenger, Facebook and other social networks. In these days it’s very useful. S PEN can be stored inside phablet in special slot, so I don’t worry about forgetting or loosing it.

But take a look from other side. Problem is battery – display is very power hungry and I need to recharge my phablet every day. But don’t worry, Samsung’s new Adaptive Fast Charging system will charge it to full in about 1 hour. You will need included original charger.

Now let’s look on menu:


Icons are big and tidy. I can find my apps very quickly and menu is very customizable.

Multitasking is fast, TouchWiz is fast, without lags.

TouchWiz Multitasking

Settings are clear and tidy:


Sliding menu is essential tool in Galaxy Note line. I personally prefer version from Android 5.0 over new from Android 6.0. Blue is more suitable color.

Android Slide Menu 5.0 vs 6.0

I’m very satisfied with my phablet and it was worth that money. Some people don’t like big displays, so if you are deciding to get something between smartphone and tablet – phablet like Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – go to local shop and try it. Really, big screen is not for everyone. Here is summary of pros and cons:


  • Representative design
  • Quad HD display with Gorilla glass
  • Still hi-end hardware
  • S PEN with many cool features
  • Great camera with Optical Image Stabilizator
  • One of the best front camera


  • Missing FM radio
  • Average sound
  • Missing microUSB 3.0 from Note 3
  • Same battery capacity as in Note 3
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