iOS 9 Content Blockers for Safari

Adblock PlusNobody likes flashing banners, pop-ups and other types of annoying ads. Classic desktop browsers did get many ad-blocking plugins, but default mobile browser on iOS, Safari, did not. You had to install another 3rd party browser with included feature, like ad blocking. Yea, full browser for one feature. And if you wanted another feature which was not included in that browser, you needed to install third browser… On desktop web browsers you just need to install plugin, on iOS you had to get whole browser…

But things are gonna better and in iOS 9 Apple introduced content blockers for Safari. You only need to download content blocker app from App Store and activate it in System Setting. You can find in on tab “Safari” and then look for “Content Blockers”. If you can’t see it, please make sure you have installed at least one content blocker. Otherwise, this option is hidden.

You can block various types of content, not only ads, for example social buttons, trackers, European Union Cookies Law banners, etc. It will improve loading time and save your cellular data. It can improve security and privacy too.

I use two content blockers – Adblock Plus and 1Blocker. Later, I will review these ad blockers on this blog. I just want to showcase how easy is now blocking that annoying ads. There is no ultimate content blocker, so that’s reason why I use both Adblock Plus and 1Blocker. First one is simple blocker, second one got many settings, just look at screenshot:

1Blocker Screenshot

Click here for full-sized screenshot

If my iOS device can run iOS 9, can I use content blockers?

It’s sad, but no. You need 64-bit processor in your device. All Apple A7 and later chips are 64-bit. These devices got 64-bit processor:

  • iPhone: model 5S and later, including iPhone SE
  • iPad: model Air and later or mini 2 and later or iPad Pro (both sizes)
  • iPod touch 6th generation

So enjoy Internet free from most ads. Also, it will save your cellular data, battery life and improves loading speed of most webpages. Just don’t forget to whitelist friendly webpages you want to support.

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

1Blocker – Blocks Ads, tracking scripts, anything

Adblock Plus – Remove ads, Browse faster without tracking

Update 1st – 19. October 2016: 1Blocker got it’s Mac counterpart, read more HERE

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