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BarometerBarometer is a device used to measure atmospheric pressure. It can help to forecast short term changes in the weather. It’s based on high/normal/low atmospheric pressure. Normal atmospheric pressure is set at 101.325 kPa. High atmospheric pressure means clear sky and sunny, while low atmospheric pressure means low temperature and cloudy, with chance to rain. But please note, that atmospheric pressure is only one factor. We must count geographic location and other factors. And now, some iOS devices can become your personal weather station.

Apple decided to put hardware barometer into iOS devices. You can find it within these iOS devices:

  • iPhone 6 or later
  • iPad Pro (both 12.9-inch and 7.9-inch) or later
  • iPad 2017 and iPad 2018
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad mini 4

Note: no iPod touch features barometer hardware. The same applies to iPhone SE.

iOS has no native app to display atmospheric pressure. We need to get app from App Store. My favourite is Barometer & Altimeter for iPhone/iPad by Steffen Bauereiss.

After launch, we will see Barometer app:


Click here for full-sized screenshot

This barometer app is not just ordinary atmospheric pressure viewer, it got some advanced features, like Altimeter. You can watch trend of atmospheric pressure by last 30 days too. I strongly recommend to turn on “Background App Refresh”, you can find it in iOS Settings app under tab “General”.

If you don’t like default units set in Barometer app, just go to Settings tab within app. You can choose from:

  • hPa/mBar
  • inHg
  • mmHg/torr
  • atm
  • psi
  • kPa

You can turn on Secondary Barometer scale. It will allow you to see atmospheric pressure in two different units. App can be customized by various other settings, like design, type of pressure (sea level pressure and station pressure), displaying a handy mark and more. Here is option to export trend data in CSV format.

Since iOS 9, newer iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air 1 and later, iPad mini 2 and later) support multitasking. Barometer app was optimized for multitasking, as you can see it in this screenshot:

Barometer Multitasking

Click here for full-sized screenshot

Please note: in screenshot was used Split View, which is only supported in iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4. You can still use Slide Over on iPad Air 1 and iPad mini 2.

App got a widget too, see it in action:

Barometer Widget

You can download reviewed app(s) here:

Barometer & Altimeter Pro

Update 1st – 19. October 2016: Since iOS 10, here is an issue to prevent using barometric sensor on iPads. Developer of this app confirmed it for us. When trying to use this or any other app that relies on iPad’s barometric sensor, sensor won’t be detected. iPhones with barometric sensor are unaffected.

Update 2nd – 27. October 2016: after updating to iOS 10.1 barometric sensor works on iPads, tested on iPad Pro 12.9-inch.

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